Swan Princess

The Swan Princess - One of the Strongest Animated Princess Franchises in the World

There have been many attempts to create successful non-Disney Princesses, but there has only been one Princess to succeed in becoming a franchise: The Swan Princess!

The Swan Princess franchise, distributed by SONY, has been adding films to its worldwide franchise for over 20 years and has become beloved by two generations in over 109 countries.

* The seventh fully animated Swan Princess film was released in March 2017 by Sony Pictures Worldwide
* Pleasing audiences worldwide since 1994
* Distribution in 109 countries
* A fairy tale Princess parents love for their daughters
* Rated the #1 non-Disney animated film of the 80’s and 90’s

The Swan Princess Legacy
The Swan Princess was the #1 selling video in the United States upon its original release in 1994 and, with its sequels, has sold millions of DVD’s worldwide which are distributed by SONY pictures worldwide. Millions of people have grown up watching the sweet Princess Odette, and a new generation is enjoying her continuing adventures. These fans can sing, by heart, many of the fantastic songs from the series, including the Golden Globe nominated song of love lasting “Far Longer Than Forever.”

The Swan Princess Audience
The Swan Princess is offering a new opportunity to those licensees who see the ever-growing demand for Princess products. Young girls ages 3-7 love the fantasy of being a kind, sweet, beautiful princess who is faithful to goodness. The Swan Princess has stayed true to the original fairy tale princess that the millions of millennial moms love for their daughters.

The Swan Princess Licensing Opportunities

Product categories include:
* Clothing - Costumes
* Make-up
* Plush
* Action Figures
* Toys
* Games - both digital and physical
* Children’s Books
* Art
* Bags
* Dolls & More

All of the characters, along with the story arc of The Swan Princess Series, allow for beautiful and endless themes of articles that can be worn, played with, saved, collected, and even used in the little girl’s day-to-day life as she builds upon her own fantasy Princess story.

With the popularity of the new Swan Princess Hidden Tales APP, Odette & friends are reaching more fans everyday.

Target Market
Children ages 3-10 and their parents

Licensing and merchandising, publishing worldwide except India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, SEAsia, Philippines, Greater China and North China.

An incredible fan of The Swan Princess, Harry Moorcroft, spent some time with the Swan Princess team at The London Film and Comic Con and was inspired to create an entertaining video.

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