Cupcake’s Chronicles

Cupcake was only 24 hours away from her life’s end, at a kill shelter, when she was rescued. Her new family loved on her and cared for her broken heart and matted fur. Soon Cupcake was able to realize she was given a second chance in life!

Cupcake is a rescue and service dog that has become Instagram-famous with a growing list of over a half million and counting worldwide followers since her first post on March 15, 2018. She is a socially conscious dog who has a message to share through her many “tails” of kindness, empowerment, acceptance, and positivity.

The colors of her famous tail have meaning:
Blue: Trust
Pink: Positivity
Green: Mindfulness
Yellow: Loyalty
Red: Empowerment
Orange: Acceptance
Violet: Kindness

Target Market
Cupcake is loved by all demographics and ages, as is demonstrated in her 825,000+ “Sprinkles” (followers) on Instagram!

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