Pandora’s Closet

If you’ve ever wondered where problems go once you “put them out of your head”, ask no more. They go directly into Pandora Padgett’s closet.

Pandora is a young college student who sees visions in her closet of all the troubles that are about to plague her friends and neighbors in the town of Forest City. Her walk-in closet is a virtual overflow tank for all the problems in town. And, although most people would faint at the ghostly apparitions that haunt her hat box or slither out from under her shoe rack, Pandora is unfazed. In the tradition of classic characters like Amelie and Jane Austen’s Emma, Pandora lives to help people. She is a force of nature; a benevolent busy-body out to save the world whether it wants to be saved or not. Every day begins with a new mystery, for Pandora never sees the entire problem.

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