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$40 billion in sales of environmentally friendly products in the U.S. last year. *
Enough to make anyone turn green.

* United States. Department of Commerce, Economics and Statistics Administration. “Measuring the Green Economy.”

The continuing rise of consumers purchasing environmentally friendly products isn’t just good for the health of our beautiful planet: it also makes the business dollar greener than ever. Leading the way in environmental licenses is Good Sign, an established property which unites two of the best known icons to mankind: the map of our world and the heart shape. Good Sign delivers a positive message for today and a message for the future – a commitment to participate in the protection of the environment. Its unique, simple and emotional union conveys an immediate message, which speaks to everyone, regardless of age, social background, race or religion.

As witness to the public’s desire to protect our environment, incredible events took place worldwide on September 14, 2014 when millions of people gathered in 2,000 communities across the world to participate in the largest mobilization on climate change in history. An estimated 400,000 people - yes, that’s almost half a million in one city - took part on the streets of New York in an event organized by Avaaz. (Avaaz, meaning “voice” in several European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages, Avaaz was launched in 2007 with a simple democratic mission: organize citizens of all nations to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want). The event in New York included 1,574 participating organizations, and prompted 630,000 social media posts and 5,200 articles in the world’s press.

Following the lead taken by Good Sign, this demonstration showed, as does Good Sign, that people everywhere love our planet.

And people love Good Sign, too. The brand was created in 1994 by Michael Loughrey, and has had many licensees worldwide since then, including Barrett Sportswear (apparel and tote bags), Verilhac (back to school), Atlex (shoes), Classico San Francisco (postcards), and Rita Marlow (children’s apparel). Les Verreries d’Arc, the leading worldwide glassware manufacturer, developed 43 products that were sold worldwide. Additionally, French publisher Le Cherche Midi placed Good Sign on the front cover of a book written in 2002 by Pierre Delaporte and Teddy Follenfant entitled Sustainable Development.

Good Sign merchandise has been featured in many major U.S. retail outlets including Macy’s, the Mercantile Group, Dayton Hudson and JC Penney. Additionally, QVC, America’s leading direct purchase TV station, offered Good Sign “Keep it alive” t-shirts nationwide on Earth Day.

Good Sign has an extensive style guide which is adaptable to all kinds of merchandise, and specific graphic and word combinations can be created on demand.

Recently signed agents for Good Sign in 2014 include: Euro-Lizenzen for Germany, DIC 2 for Italy, Mendia for Spain and Portugal. Paris-Arabesques (contact Najoua Mounib, CEO, Cell +33 616 077 559) will represent Good Sign in France, and coordinate the whole program worldwide.

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