Rufus, a book-based property targeted to children ages 4+ that features Rufus, a lovable and adventurous dog who goes on exciting adventures with his animal friends.

Rufus lives on Rosebud Road and has a lot of wonderful friends like Reggie the Rabbit, Justin the Cat, Terrence the Tortoise and Prunella the Posh Poodle. In their adventures, they look for ghosts, chase the postman, go to the beach, have parties and always get more than they bargained for!
Rufus was created, written and illustrated by Caroline Mabey. She has previously written the 1986 series of “Bertie” books for pre-school children under the pen name Carol Burt.

There are currently four board books (ages 0-5) and one hardback book with six Rufus stories (ages 5-10) selling on Amazon. Additionally, all titles are available in ebook format for Kindle and iPads.

A full line of 18 adorable Rufus greeting cards are available for purchase from Showcase Greetings, a UK-based greeting card company.

Additionally, a variety of Rufus merchandise including apparel and accessories are available for purchase Via Rufus the New Adventures Facebook page, the Rufus website, or direct email to [email protected] which is all part of Rufus Design Works Ltd operation

Target market:
Children ages 4 and up

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