Lawless Entertainment Named Worldwide Representative for Cupcake’s Chronicles

The Los Angeles–based agency will represent the brand worldwide

Sondra Contino, Lawless Entertainment, (949) 419-6156, [email protected]

Los Angeles, CA, October 9, 2018 — Lawless Entertainment is proud to announce their appointment as worldwide representatives for licensing, merchandising, and publishing for Cupcake’s Chronicles, the stories of the rescue and service dog with over a half million followers on Instagram and counting. Cupcake is known for her ever-changing colorful tail. Lawless is also seeking co-production partners for the property.

Cupcake was only 24 hours away from her life’s end, at a kill shelter, when she was rescued. Her new family loved on her and cared for her broken heart and matted fur. Soon Cupcake was able to realize she was given a second chance in life!

Cupcake is a rescue and service dog that has become Instagram-famous with a growing list of over a half million and counting worldwide followers since her first post on March 15, 2018. She is a socially conscious dog who has a message to share through her many “tails” of kindness, empowerment, acceptance, and positivity.

The colors of her famous tail have meaning:

Blue: Trust
Pink: Positivity
Green: Mindfulness
Yellow: Loyalty
Red: Empowerment
Orange: Acceptance
Violet: Kindness

Cupcake teaches Mindfulness: “See the colors around you instead of the colors that bind you.”

“Cupcake lives in a magical world where a rescue dog becomes a teacher of positivity and mindfulness. Through her tails, not only is it magical, but also it is educational where children gain social awareness, empowerment and acceptance. This is something that children in today’s society truly need and are missing in their lives. Cupcake’s Chronicles stories bring joy to all ages worldwide,” says Melissa Mead, COO at Cupcake’s Chronicles.

“Cupcake’s Chronicles is a truly unique brand that has unlimited licensing potential,” says Cathy Malatesta, President of Lawless Entertainment. “With Cupcake having over a half million followers and counting, her followers are of every age and they are also every gender from all areas of the world. We can’t wait to see them all wearing their Cupcake’s Chronicles apparel while snuggling with their favorite limited edition Cupcake plush with different colors of her tail! That is depending on their favorite Tails of Cupcake book within Cupcake’s Chronicles of course!”

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About Lawless Entertainment
Lawless Entertainment is a Los Angeles-based company that creates, co-produces, distributes and markets both animated and live-action programming throughout the world for both film and television that is headed up by President Cathy Malatesta. Lawless works with content providers and has relationships with top film, television, home video, online and mobile distribution entities throughout the world.

For more information contact Sondra Contino at (949) 419-6156 or visit

About Cupcake’s Chronicles
Check out Cupcake’s Chronicles at Instagram @cupcakes_chronicles to see her adventures since her first post on March 15, 2018.

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