Cupcake’s Chronicles Makes the Rounds in Hollywood

Cupcake Mingled with Stars and Fans on Oscars Weekend

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Los Angeles, CA, February 28, 2019 - Cupcake – star of Cupcake’s Chronicles – made her way around Hollywood on Oscars Weekend, making friends and meeting fans along the way!

Cupcake started her weekend with the creator her long lost famous relative, Scooby Doo. Ken Spears, creator of Scooby Doo, sat down with Cupcake and learned all about her heritage…and her famous family member!

After spending time with her newly found family, Cupcake headed up to schmooze with her fans on the Red Carpet at Elton John’s Oscars Viewing Party in Hollywood. Cupcake rubbed elbows with Sean Kanan, Ava Kolker, Christian Kane, Janice Dickinson, Mia and Ella Allan, and of course, Snow White 90210 with Patrik Simpson and Pol’ Atteu of Gown and Out in Beverly Hills on Amazon Prime – all of whom admired her fashionable tail and attire.

Cupcake wasn’t tired just yet! From there she headed to The Grove in LA, where she mingled with her fans – and met some new ones along the way, too!

Cupcake was only 24 hours away from her life’s end, at a kill shelter, when she was adopted. Her new family loved on her and cared for her broken heart and matted fur. Soon Cupcake was able to realize she was given a second chance in life!

Cupcake is a rescue and service dog that has become Instagram-famous with a growing list of nearly 800,000 worldwide followers since her first post on March 15, 2018. She is a socially conscious dog who has a message to share through her many “tails” of kindness, empowerment, no judgment, and positivity.

The colors of her famous tail have meaning:

Blue: Trust
Pink: Positivity
Green: Mindfulness
Yellow: Loyalty
Red: Empowerment
Orange: Acceptance
Violet: Kindness

Cupcake teaches Mindfulness: “See the colors around you instead of the colors that bind you.”

“It’s amazing that this beautiful dog was one day away from being put down in a kill shelter and here she is living her best life at a fabulous Oscars party,” says Melissa Mead, Chief Operating Officer at Cupcake’s Chronicles. “Cupcake reminds all to ‘see the colors around you not the colors that bind you’.”

“Cupcake never fails to make new friends and fans wherever she goes,” says Cathy Malatesta, President of Lawless Entertainment. “Her nearly 800,000 Instagram fans are dedicated followers…followers who are eager to see some Cupcake’s Chronicles merchandise!”

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