Peg Heads

Peg HeadsConcept
The Peg Heads is a no-holds-barred comedy-action series that brings the hugely popular and successful Laser Pegs toy line to life with unique and endearing characters who build and fly/drive/ride/sail colorful, glowing Laser Pegs vehicles and creatures.
Our three heroes— ZIPPY, PEG & SPINNER—live on the island of New Pegland in the small town of Fruitville. From their underground headquarters—THE POWER CAVE— they are led by the brilliant but absent-minded scientist, PROFESSOR LASERUS, using Zippy’s miraculous invention—THE POWER PEG— to light up their Laser Pegs vehicles and structures.
Lawless Entertainment is seeking co-production partners for the Peg Heads animated series.

Target Market
Children ages 6-11

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