No Asylum: The Untold Chapter of Anne Frank’s Story

A 75-minute film by Paula Fouce.

Anne Frank has become an icon of tolerance and the face of the Holocaust. Through recently discovered letters from her father, Otto Frank, and interviews with remaining members of the Frank family, the painful and relentless struggle to save the family from the clutches of the Nazis is revealed. One by one his pleas for exit visas are rejected and the world turns its back on him, one country at a time. The Franks, with no asylum and no hope, remain helpless as Hitler and his men destroy their family one by one.

No Asylum will screen at the United Nations for International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 28, 2018. The screening will take place at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, and Anne Frank’s stepsister, Eva Schloss, along with the producer of No Asylum, Paula Fouce, will be speaking and presenting the film.


No Asylum ProRes Trailer from Paula Fouce on Youtube.

Press kit available upon request.

Broadcast North America

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