The April Ashley Project

The April Ashley Project is the story of one of the first individuals to undergo gender reassignment surgery. The extraordinary life of April Ashley is a triumphant journey through conflict, betrayal, bitter heartbreak and amazing humor. It is a story of hope and one woman’s quest to “just be normal” that will inspire us all.

Pacific Films, Limey Yank Productions and Lawless Entertainment are proud to present the April Ashley Project. We invite you to join us.

April Ashley’s incredible saga of triumph, glamour, failure, and acceptance continues to inspire generations of people worldwide…and will for many generations to come.

April Ashley’s story started in Liverpool, England, and it started as George Jameson. It was World War II, the Germans were bombing, people were panicking, and a frightened little boy was facing a battle with bullies and an abusive mother that made the horrific war nothing more than a backdrop to frequent beatings, vicious ridicule, and an overwhelming desire to be “normal.” For George Jameson, normal meant a new life – a life as a girl.

George went on to pursue that dream and endured a terribly painful gender reassignment surgery. She became April Ashley and was a shining star as a model and actress in London – until her secret was sold to a tabloid, and she was outed to the world. The headlines rocked London, and April lost everything. She found herself wanting for escape, and it came in Sir Arthur Corbett. In 1963 Corbett took April to Spain and convinced her to marry him. They separated shortly thereafter.

The years passed and April finally filed for divorce, which angered Corbett. He counter-filed on grounds that their marriage should be considered null and void due to April having been born a man. The trial was hard and ugly, and the judge ruled that April was a woman in every regard but marriage. She lost the case.

To add insult to injury, the ruling negatively influenced the rights of all transgender peoples under western law for the next 30+ years.

Today, April lives in London and her story is more relevant than ever. This fall she will receive the MBEAward (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) from Queen Elizabeth II. Ashley is being honored for services to transgender equality.

London may finally accept April Ashley, but her amazing story remains more powerful than ever a tale of the human spirit, glamour, betrayal, heartache, and dreams

The April Ashley story is about triumph and inspiration, and it needs to be told.

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