Sissi, The Young Empress

Sissi is one of the historical figures who most impressed the popular imagination, especially the female target.

Novels, films, and TV dramas have brought back the life of Elisabeth of Wittelsbach that everyone keeps on calling Sissi. Mondo TV continues celebrating the legend of Sissi with the brand new animated TV series Sissi the Young Empress made up of one season of 26 eps x 26. Second season (26 eps x 26) is currently under production.

The story of the young empress Sissi is a mix of adventure, love and intrigue. Not only is there romance and court life, but also magic and mystery – Sissi will find out how a magic bracelet allows her to live exciting adventures and help her pet friends in danger…but there is more! Sissi will also need to solve a mystery surrounding the bracelet – someone is trying to steal it!

The Sissi, the Young Empress animated series is currently airing throughout Europe, Middle East and Asia in over 30 countries. Master toy licensee, Grandi Giochi launched a toy line in late 2015 that includes fashion dolls, make up toys, interactive plush and playsets. Italian publisher il Sole di Carta is issuing bi-monthly Official Magazine and Coloring book in Italy.

Target Market
Girls 4-8

Mondo TV

Broadcast (including TV, digital, DVD, etc.), licensing and merchandising - United States

Sissi - Trailer from Mondo Tv on Youtube.

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