Poby’s Adventures

Poby is a fictional character for children, created by Heiko Kiera – when he was only fourteen years old – while living in an orphanage in former East Germany.

As an “older” teenager, Heiko had to read bedtime stories to the younger children once a week, but instead of reading the Brother Grimm’s fairy tails, he decided to give those little orphans something special, something that they could all relate to.

And so Poby was invented - a magical blue lamb that was made from stars. His purpose was to cheer up the very sad moon (children who have lost their parents are extreme sad beings. Their cries of loneliness remain all too often ignored in such institutions).

The moon liked Poby so much that he adopted him as his son. Being a lamb on the moon is very difficult indeed, because all sheep need grass to eat, but grass doesn’t grow in space! So every night the moon has to descent to the highest mountain cliff on earth, to drop his son off (not for Kindergarten but…) so he can wander around to find some food.

But before leaving, Poby always has to promise to return in time before the sun rises or else the moon will have to leave without his son and Poby will be trapped on earth forever.

But like all youngsters, one night Poby forgets about the passing time and when he returns to the cliff, the sun is high up and the moon is gone. Now Poby is all alone and he becomes an orphan himself (just like Heiko’s little audience in the German orphanage).

Poby had to quickly learn to survive on his own; courageously he faced all sorts of adventures and made many friends on his way to acquire the needed wisdom to become a hero. His friends eventually became his family on earth, but he always remained in touch with the moon and the stars, who provided him with the magical powers to fight all evil.

Back in those days, the Poby stories gave the children in that German orphanage great joy and much needed hope. Soon every child wanted to be like little Poby. Needless to say, Poby became very popular indeed and even the older children joined the weekly “Poby Story Session”.

After leaving the orphanage, there was no need to continue telling Poby stories, but he always lingered in the back of Heiko’s mind…years later, Heiko became curious about what Poby would actually look like as an illustrated character. So without any drawing skills or background in art, he boldly got some paint and primitively began illustrating “Poby Adventures” back in 1996…

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