Natasha’s Wood

Natasha’s Wood is an adventure story that takes us deep into an enchanted land. Natasha and her friend, Fern (he believes in Water Dragons), discover a magical portal into a timeless world of fairies, dragons and unicorns. But something creepy is destroying this beautiful forest. Natasha will use her magical, musical powers and overcome the evil emissary. For wings of glory are not born from bone but gifted to those with hearts as good as gold.

When a girl overcomes her fears and helps protect a magical maple tree in an enchanted land, she is granted a wish that helps her mother perform at her highest level.

There was a winding path that wound its way throughout the Public Gardens. Most days it was full of feet – busy people moving forward, unaware of the small gleaming eyes that were watching and waiting…Yes, the fairies would wait, forever patient, forever watchful of the little girl that could play the white violin, and save the magical world of Natasha’s Wood…

“Twiglet” TM, the magical maple tree “seed” named by the fairies, dragons and unicorns.
“Twiglet whistled and clapped her hands as her little feet, tap, tap, tap-danced.”

Natasha’s Wood creator, Fay Maddison, has published the first early reader picture book in the Natasha’s Wood series. With her magic wand - a paint brush - Fay has also designed a sparkling, Natasha’s Wood clothing line that captures the characters from her manuscripts for a tween series of novels. The manuscript is adapted from her feature film screenplay - Natasha’s Wood and the Lost Element. Each picture book of the first titles in the series will include art created by children.

Creator Fay Maddison grew up in the tiny town of Darwin, Australia. The “outback” hometown was hot, humid, and alive with exotic birds and insects. Nestled against a backdrop of rainbow-colored cliffs, the town’s beaches were skirted by overgrown tropical bushes and majestic trees. The sea brought in treasures, flotsam, and jetsam from distant places. The tidal pools were overflowing with wonders to be discovered. The magic of the land, the bush, and the beaches stirred this young girl’s imagination and her love of story was born.

Target Market
Children ages 4-8

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