Cartland is a project based on the life, success, and magic of Barbara Cartland, the biggest selling author in the history of romantic fiction – The Queen of Romance.

Barbara Cartland wrote over 400 novels, translated into 36 languages – and sold nearly one billion books worldwide.

For three generations, she was the world’s undisputed No. 1 in the world of romantic fiction. Her name is known and revered by millions across the globe.

Honored by the Queen for her services to Literature, Dame Barbara was far more than a popular novelist. She was a respected journalist, a champion of women’s rights and a tireless campaigner for preserving the world’s ecology.

She made countless appearances on television in the USA, Europe and Asia. She persuaded politicians to take women’s concerns seriously and to support ‘green’ objectives long before it was fashionable to do so.

She was Princess Diana’s step-grandmother and encouraged many of her causes.

From the Roaring Twenties to the New Millennium, Barbara Cartland was not just a worldwide celebrity—she was the embodiment of an idea.

Among her millions of readers, particularly the young, she was the focus for a way of thinking, an approach to living that holds romance and optimism in high esteem. Her name was, and remains, a powerful symbol for all that is good in the female experience, regardless of race or creed.

The name Cartland is a worldwide brand, a celebration of the feminine that strikes a chord in the hearts and minds of countless women, from New York to New Delhi and from Rome to Rio.

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