Bonnie Boat and Friends

BONNIE BOAT is a truly bonnie (pretty) boat – with a lovely lilting Irish accent who lives in BOATINI BAY, the sun-drenched watery home she shares with her best friends TINA TUGBOAT, YARDLY YACHT, an ultra-rich boat who believes himself to be a great actor (he is not – but he has a big voice); FRANK GONDOLA, a cool crooner; WAYLON ‘The Wailin’’ WHALE, a ‘blues’ whale who sings the blues always accompanied by his beat-up six-string acoustic guitar; SARGE BARGE, who’s large and in charge; and DINGHY, who is a bit…dingy. There’s also twin brother and sister SAM and CINDY SAIL and JOHNNY JETSKI, who likes to show off for the lady boats.

In addition to sharing their own fun adventures, Bonnie Boat and the Boatini Bay boats are on an important mission: to help protect their other friends – that is, those that reside below Boatini Bay. Among them are the serious and all-business PENELOPE PORPOISE (the porpoise with a purpose); the regal SIR POTTER the OTTER and his daughter CARLOTTA; the always upbeat WAYLON the WAILIN’ WHALE (a rock star and the first blues-singing blues whale); the sweet and rather unpredictable DOLLY DOLPHIN; the totally pessimistic TITO TURTLE; and the suave and sophisticated tap dancing PETER PENGUIN.

Children will visit Boatini Bay practically every day. There, they will enjoy all kinds of fun, lunacy and adventure – all the while discovering the many challenges that are faced by those both above and below the water. The pro-ocean environment comedy e-book series is designed to help further ecology awareness among children while encouraging them to maintain an active interest in protecting the environment.

When an environmental hazard occurs, the Boatini Bay sea creatures and Boats act swiftly – and inspire children to do the same!

Target Market
Children ages 2-6

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