Suzy’s Zoo to be Represented by SS Animent Inc. in South Korea

Contact: Sondra Contino, Lawless Entertainment, (949) 419-6156, [email protected]

San Diego, CA, April 10, 2018 – Lawless Entertainment is thrilled to announce the conclusion of a deal with SS Animent Inc. on behalf of Suzy’s Zoo. SS Animent Inc. will officially introduce the Little Suzy’s Zoo character set to South Korea for the first time in Suzy’s Zoo’s 50-year history.

Promotion of the brand will begin in April with a broad marketing plan that will strategically place the characters of Little Suzy’s Zoo throughout the country via publishing, collaborations with various major retailers, and broadcast of the Little Suzy’s Zoo “A Day with Witzy” animated series.

“I am so excited that SS Animent will be bringing the little duck Witzy and his stuffed animal friends to South Korea!” says Suzy’s Zoo creator, Suzy Spafford. “Nothing could make me happier than to reach across the globe to make new friends through my characters.”

“It is such an honor for us to introduce officially an adorable character, Little Suzy’s Zoo which has been loved widely for a long term to Korea. We will promote and extend Little Suzy’s Zoo in Korean market gradually like taking care of a precious child. We are sure that Little Suzy’s Zoo will become lovely friends to Korean people,” says Ki Jong Park, CEO of SS Animent Inc.

“The wonderful people of South Korea are in for a real treat!” says Cathy Malatesta, President of Lawless Entertainment. “Witzy and his friends will soon warm the hearts of children and adults alike throughout South Korea, and we are overjoyed to be partnering with SS Animent Inc. to make this happen.”

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About Lawless Entertainment
Lawless Entertainment is a Los Angeles-based company that creates, co-produces, distributes and markets both animated and live-action programming throughout the world for both film and television that is headed up by President Cathy Malatesta. Lawless works with content providers and has relationships with top film, television, home video, online and mobile distribution entities throughout the world.

For more information contact Sondra Contino at (949) 419-6156 or visit

About Suzy’s Zoo
Suzy’s Zoo is celebrating 50 years of success in 2018!!! In its impressive 50-year history, more than 250 million Suzy’s Zoo greeting cards and nearly 2.4 BILLION diapers alone have been sold worldwide.

Suzy’s Zoo was established by award-winning artist Suzy Spafford as a line of greeting cards, and since then has grown to feature more than 200 named animal characters on a wide range of social expression products. Each character is based on someone in Suzy’s life. Deriving from her many happy childhood memories, it evokes the spirit of a simpler, safer world.

In recent years, Little Suzy’s Zoo was introduced into Plaza Style stores in Japan where the variety of merchandise is vast! Items include plush toys, apparel, dinnerware, puzzles and games, books, cell phone covers, and more. Sales to date in Japan have reached more than $300 million.

“Adventures in Duckport”, the animated series featuring the Classic Suzy’s Zoo characters, is targeted to children ages 6-8 and is currently in production with Mondo TV. Multiple broadcast deals are in place worldwide.

The toddler animated series, “Little Suzy’s Zoo – A Day with Witzy,” which includes 26 x 2 minute episodes, is currently being sold for broadcast worldwide, so keep an eye out for these adorable faces on your TV. Additionally, PBS Distribution recently released a DVD, sold online.

Licensing and merchandising efforts continue worldwide, and recently concluded deals will bring many new items to stores including baby apparel and accessories, premium and promotional gifts, maternity accessories, digital stickers, emoticons worldwide, limited edition artwork, books, coloring books, balloons, board books, and more.

There are many superb licensing partners that sell Suzy’s Zoo images on such products as infant clothing, greeting cards, bedding, books, tableware and games. These products can be found in the mass market as well as in specialty stores.

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About SS Animent Inc.
SS Animent Inc is a Seoul-based agent company that distributes the international animations in Korean market and produces own animation as well as character with licensing and merchandising business. SS Animent is funded and established by one of major Korean publishers, Seoul media Group Corp. and Choirack Group that are the largest manufacturer of toys and games. SS Animent has great network with major publishers, telecommunication companies and broadcasters in Korean market.

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