Suzy’s Zoo Featured at Hong Kong Mall

The adorable art is featured throughout The Westwood mall in Hong Kong

Contact: Sondra Contino, Lawless Entertainment, (949) 419-6156, [email protected]

San Diego, CA / Hong Kong, May 26, 2015 – Lawless Entertainment and Dina Asia Pacific Co. Ltd. are pleased to announce that the characters of Little Suzy’s Zoo will be featured at The Westwood Mall in Hong Kong through June 2015. Lawless Entertainment is the worldwide agent for Suzy’s Zoo, and Dina Asia Pacific Co. Ltd. represents Suzy’s Zoo for licensing and merchandising in China, Hong Kong and Macau.

The Westwood is annexed to a luxurious residential development and adjacent to The University of Hong Kong, and is the biggest one-stop shopping mall in the area. The mall has 5 stories and includes a comprehensive mix of retail outlets including high-end chain stores and restaurants of various cuisines.

The adorable characters of Little Suzy’s Zoo – Witzy, the toddler duck and his stuffed animal friends Boof, Patches, Lulla and Ellie Funt – are featured throughout the mall including at the main and side entryways, on the escalators, bunting, main pillars, glass railings, and more. Mall guests will be able to enjoy this lovely art while they shop until June!

“Suzy’s Zoo is very pleased to be in Hong Kong, the world’s most exciting city!” says Suzy’s Zoo creator, Suzy Spafford. “We look forward to the characters of Suzy’s Zoo making many, many new friends in China.”

“We believe this project brings the cheerful characters of Suzy’s Zoo closer to the mall visitors,” says Rachel Lai, Director of Dina Asia Pacific Co. Ltd.

“These adorable faces will make everyone’s shopping experience a fun one!” says Cathy Malatesta, President of Lawless Entertainment.

Suzy’s Zoo will exhibit at the Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas in June. Please visit the booth D031 or contact Sondra Contino, [email protected], to schedule an appointment during the show.
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About Lawless Entertainment
Lawless Entertainment is a Los Angeles-based company that creates, co-produces, distributes and markets both animated and live-action programming throughout the world for both film and television that is headed up by President Cathy Malatesta. Lawless works with content providers and has relationships with top film, television, home video, online and mobile distribution entities throughout the world.

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About Dina Asia Pacific Ltd.
Dina Asia Pacific Co. Ltd. is a Hong Kong registered company specializing in licensing, publishing and marketing services for the Asia Pacific markets. Dina Asia Pacific Co. Ltd. provides leadership knowhow, network development, as well as licensing consultancy services to animation companies and intellectual property owners.

For more information contact (852) 3569 1585 or email [email protected].

About Suzy’s Zoo
Suzy’s Zoo was established in 1968 by award-winning San Diego artist, Suzy Spafford. Deriving from Suzy’s own childhood memories, it evokes the spirit of a time when kids were free to explore their surroundings and have adventures of their own making.

The stories begin when Suzy Ducken and her next-door neighbor Jack Quacker decide to build a tree fort in the big old tree between their houses. Their nearby neighbor Corky Turtle is the ballast of the group with his scientific and practical ways of making things work. Suzy’s best-friend, the girly and opinionated Emily Marmot, is the comedy relief, with the redeeming quality of ALWAYS bringing the refreshments for their adventures. Jack, the leader of the group, has a burning desire to be able to fly all over Duckport and the entire Beak Isles. Ever-impatient, he is always trying out a device to get him airborne. Suzy is the straight-man in the group, with her even temperament and diplomatic ways. But she has her moments of frustration, too—especially about Jack. Tagging along is the pesky but lovable Ollie Marmot, Emily’s twin. Ollie competes with Jack for speed and bravado. Their adventures are about invention, involvement, cooperation, sharing, and exploration—and involve junkyards, tools, dirt, attics filled with old stuff, school, family, chores, the other interesting characters in the town of Duckport, and a sense of belonging to a widely mixed community of animal folk.

There is another character group in Duckport—the little toddler duck Witzy and his stuffed animal friends Boof, Patches, Lulla and Ellie Funt. Witzy is Jack Quacker’s young cousin. Witzy’s adventures are mostly limited to his backyard where he is watched over by his mostly-unnoticed momma. And there is a third character set-Wags and Whiskers, all about dogs and cats, and centers around a shaggy sheepdog Kirby Harrington and his nemesis Natasha, the way-too-cool black and white kitty. Each character set features well-drawn illustrations of personable (mostly!) characters to create a familiar-seeming and friendly universe.

There are many superb licensing partners that sell Suzy’s Zoo images on such products as infant clothing, greeting cards, bedding, books, tableware and games. These products can be found in the mass market as well as in specialty stores.

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