Ito & Ita

ito® & ita® are the Happiest Twins on Earth!

Together, they are “TWINCREDIBLE!™”

As they say, ‘Great Minds Think Alike’ and alike they are with one exception…

ito® thinks he’s a lot smarter than his sister, ita® when in reality, ita®, the cute, sweet, humble and very soft-spoken girl that she is, actually has a thinking edge over her brother, ito®.

ito®, on the other hand, has a creative and very daring side to him that ita® loves about him as ito® makes life exciting and adventurous, except when ita® has to come to ito’s rescue every time he gets into a ‘Dennis the Menace’ mess!

However, the one thing that ita® will always do is challenge ito® in literally everything he thinks he can do better than her.

And, this is where the wonderful Journey of Fun begins!

From thinking and dreaming that they can be or do anything, ito® & ita® are always on a never-ending adventure in their neighborhood until they and their twin friends are called to come inside for dinner.

ito® & ita® and friends are about friendship, respect, imagination and fun!

Target Market
Children ages 4-6


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