Biff the Dog

On the colorful streets of San Francisco, we find our hero, Biff the Dog, and his friends Tammy, the altruistic Tiger, Rollo, the street-smart hound and Bella, the pampered pooch, as Biff’s magical spiked collar leads them to amazing creatures and people who just happen to need their help. Along the way, our heroes explore the wonders of the City by the Bay, where all kinds of fabulous citizens parade down the bustling streets, all unique in their own ways. Whether it’s helping a short-necked giraffe discover basketball is not his true calling or encouraging a street artist to come out of hiding, the adventures never end for Biff and friends, and along the way they learn life lessons about respecting the differences between their fellows.

Biff the Dog was established in 1989 by artist Tracy Calvert Ambrose, who has created several children’s books featuring Biff and friends. Her artistic talents are showcased in the characters she created, and the adventurous pallet of big-city San Francisco that shines in her comic book–style world. Endearing and indelible are their adventures, and kids will love our feisty pooch and his dedicated friends as they learn to appreciate the uniqueness of their fellow citizens and celebrate their differences.

Biff’s Story Adventure Series
Target Market: Ages 5–7

Biff’s Story Adventure Series in Italian
Pubblico di riferimento: 5–7 anni

Biff’s Story Adventure Series in Japanese

Biff the Dog Brand
Target Market: Kids of all ages

Biff’s “SPIKED!” products
Target Market: Pet lovers of all ages

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