Lawless Entertainment Named Worldwide Representative for Periwinkle’s Journey

The Los Angeles–based agency will represent the brand worldwide

Sondra Contino, Lawless Entertainment, (949) 419-6156,

Los Angeles, CA, April 19, 2017
— Lawless Entertainment is delighted to announce their appointment as worldwide representatives for licensing and merchandising for Periwinkle’s Journey, the story of a little blue penguin, a children’s property co-created by Judy Petersen-Fleming and Suzy Spafford of Suzy’s Zoo. Lawless will also seek co-production financing for the property.

Periwinkle’s Journey was written by Judy Petersen-Fleming (social entrepreneur with 25+ years experience developing attractions), Suzy Spafford (creator of Suzy’s Zoo) and published by Blue Sneaker Press.

It’s spring in Australia when Periwinkle, a little blue penguin, begins her journey to Antarctica where she’ll meet all of her penguin cousins. Along the way she learns a lot about her world and herself.

The smallest penguin of all, Periwinkle is not only shorter than her cousins; she is also blue, and most importantly, different from the rest. Hesitant at first, Periwinkle learns during her journey to be brave, and realizes that it’s not how you look on the outside, but it’s what’s inside that matters.

Periwinkle’s Journey is the first book in an entirely new series of endearing characters from Suzy’s World. Written by author Judy Petersen-Fleming and featuring the work of beloved illustrator Suzy Spafford, creator of Suzy’s Zoo, these books and characters are dedicated to educating kids in a fun and whimsical way about animals in the wild, inspiring all of us to care more about the animal kingdom and the natural world we share.

Lawless Entertainment represents Periwinkle’s Journey worldwide and is seeking licensing deals, as well as direct-to-retail opportunities with retailers worldwide. Lawless will also seek co-production financing for the property.

“I fell in love with Suzy’s adorable characters the first time I saw one of her greeting cards. Her talent truly brings each character to life!” says Judy Petersen-Fleming, author of Periwinkle’s Journey. “Suzy and I had so much fun creating the personalities of the penguins in Periwinkle’s Journey. Our hope is that children and parents reading to them fall in love with these comical birds, and that the story of their Antarctic adventure sparks a natural curiosity and caring about penguins, wildlife, and the natural world. Working with Lawless Entertainment allows us the opportunity to have an even bigger impact.”

“It was great fun to work with Judy on this entirely new animal adventure. We had many happy hours together creating Periwinkle’s story,” says Suzy Spafford, illustrator of Periwinkle’s Journey. “And now, with their expertise in licensing Suzy’s Zoo and taking it to TV, we are so pleased that the Lawless Team will also be introducing ‘Periwinkle’ to the world of licensing!”

“We are beyond thrilled to continue our relationship with Suzy Spafford as we work together with Judy Fleming to introduce Periwinkle to the worldwide marketplace,” says Cathy Malatesta, President of Lawless Entertainment.

Lawless Entertainment is featuring Periwinkle’s Journey at Booth B103 at Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas May 23–25, 2017 and is seeking licensees in all categories. Please contact Sondra Contino or stop by booth B103 to schedule your meeting today.

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Notes to Editors:

About Lawless Entertainment
Lawless Entertainment is a Los Angeles-based company that creates, co-produces, distributes and markets both animated and live-action programming throughout the world for both film and television that is headed up by President Cathy Malatesta. Lawless works with content providers and has relationships with top film, television, home video, online and mobile distribution entities throughout the world.

For more information contact Sondra Contino at (949) 419-6156 or visit

About the Creators
Judy Fleming

Judy is an author and social entrepreneur who has shared the wonderment of exotic animals with people around the world for more than 30 years. While Judy has worked with a vast array of fascinating animals over the years, she has a particular fondness for penguins. Over time, she has become aware of the many misconceptions that exist about these comical birds, and it is her passion for educating kids that led to her commitment to develop Suzy’s World with Suzy Spafford. Judy and her husband, Bill, live in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Suzy Spafford
Suzy is the creator and illustrator of Suzy’s Zoo. Her artwork first appeared as greeting cards in 1968, and over the years, her characters have appeared on a wide variety of products in over 23 countries. In addition to her work with Suzy’s World, Suzy is working on a new animated television series, Adventures in Duckport, featuring the central characters from Suzy’s Zoo. Suzy and her husband, Ray Lidstrom, have four adult children and four grandchildren between them. Suzy and Ray live in an old arts-and-crafts house in San Diego, California, where Suzy continues to illustrate her whimsical characters.

About Blue Sneaker Press

Blue Sneaker works with authors, illustrators, nonprofit organizations, and corporations to publish children’s books that engage, entertain, and educate kids on subjects that affect our world. Blue Sneaker Press is an imprint of Southwestern Publishing Group, Inc. Southwestern Publishing Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Southwestern/Great American, Inc., Nashville, Tennessee.

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